We are proud of our values and always see them as part of our core integrity and service. We love to conserve some of the beautiful, historic buildings within Dorset, Hampshire & the New Forest. Conservation is key to keeping the landscape as beautiful as it has been for hundreds of years.

Although we love to conserve old buildings we also love to mix new technology, whether it’s new building products or new technology to help manage the project, we’re at the forefront in this field locally. We think this use of technology for communication and management is key to separating us from the rest.

Our planet is hugely important to us, we consider all possibilities to recycle from our sites. We make the best possible use of materials, avoiding waste wherever possible and recycling as many materials where possible. We do not simply throw everything blindly into skips and make it someone else’s problem.

Traditional skills are slowly disappearing as modern alternatives become more popular.  We will always endeavour to keep tradition through materials or methods wherever it’s appropriate for your building project.

Communication is key to everything we do.  It’s at the heart of human interaction yet so many people fail at this step. We ensure open communication throughout your building project, renovation or extension. We utilise latest technology to keep track of project planning, budgets and process, all of which you can have open access to if that suits you.

I have to say, I think this is about the best finished house I’ve been in anywhere for a long time. The care and attention to detail is extrodinary, its almost like a work of art…

Charlie Luxton – Architect & TV Presenter